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Grandma And Her Grandsons

My grandmother would gather us 3 grandsons up and off to the theater we went for $0.25 movies. We loved the pre-movie cartoons too! – David Smith, Summerville SC

Bond, James Bond

I went to St. Boniface and my dad worked at Tappe’s sporting goods. Spent a lot of time at the theatre when my dad had to work late or work on Saturday. I would walk up there and see whatever was playing. Many Disney movies I remember but my favorite was the Bond movies. I remember coming out of the theater after Live and Let Die thinking I was 007 running back to the sporting good store. And yes I had a stick for a gun.... and if I didn’t get enough snacks at the movie I would hit Zims on the way back.  Lol

Place is so cool. The little ticket booth that was out front and the balcony and Architecture was really something to see. It’s definitely etched in my mind forever. - Steve Mast, Naples FL

Beatles' Fans

Walked to the Washington after school at QJHS to see A Hard Days Night with fellow Beatle fans! - Lynn Cheeseman, Lafayette IN

First Date

The Washington Theater was where I had my first date. I can't remember the show or the exact date but would have been in 1975. That theater holds a special place in my heart. - CO

My Favorite Disney

Over the years, whenever I talk to people about their favorite movies, I have found that most people's favorite Disney movie is the first one they saw in a theater. That's true for me, too - when I was 4 years old, for my birthday, I was taken to the Washington Theater to see 101 Dalmatians (the first animated one in 1961). What a magical place the theater was with its giant marquee, fancy ticket booth, ushers and huge screen.  Plus... the theater was air-conditioned (something we didn't have at home) and the movie was in color (I thought all movies were in black and white).  I sat there transfixed by that movie for an hour an a half  and, to this day, I can vividly recall details of the film and I still hate Cruella DeVil.  From that point, I was hooked on the movies and today, I still work in the film industry and love movies. - Greg Walz, Granite City IL

Rolling Marbles

As one of three boys, one of my favorite memories was taking some marbles to the theatre and sitting more toward the back. We would then occasionally let one roll to the front of the theatre, bouncing off seats and making a goofy little noise. - Randy Ingram, Indianapolis IN

Christmas walk with my cousins

For a few Christmases in my childhood, my cousins and I would walk to the Washington Theater from my grandparents' house to watch a movie together.  I remember walking in the cold, and sometimes, even in lots of snow, just so we could watch a movie!  For a young child, it was quite a walk, but it was fun because we cousins were together!  I don't recall the movies we saw, but I will always remember that feeling of pure joy just from spending time with my cousins! – Rhonda Boeke, Rockford IL

First Trip To Theater

The first trip to a movie theater for me was here, in 1974. My grandmother brought me to see The Apple Dumpling Gang. I was 5 years old, I still remember the awe I felt at the beautiful interior and the big comfy seats. I remember feeling like I was a princess. – Mishelle Bowen, Stockton CA

To Hell And Back

It was 1955, as I recall. I was in the Quincy Drum and Bugle Corps. The movie "To Hell and Back" starring Audie Murphy was premiering at the Washington theatre and we were called upon to perform a small concert out front of the theater. Never knew why it premiered here (he wasn't from here) or why it was such a big deal. - David Ullman, Carbondale, IL

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Jaws In The Front Row

I went to see Jaws with a bunch of friends. We sat in the front row. The first time the shark shot out of the water, the whole theater moved back a couple of feet. Scariest movie at that time. Was also there for Rocky Horror Picture Show. People were throwing drinks and numerous other things. It was a mess. But a blast. Good times with good friends. -  Tony Mefford, Quincy IL

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