Tuesday, June 30, 2020

My Favorite Disney

Over the years, whenever I talk to people about their favorite movies, I have found that most people's favorite Disney movie is the first one they saw in a theater. That's true for me, too - when I was 4 years old, for my birthday, I was taken to the Washington Theater to see 101 Dalmatians (the first animated one in 1961). What a magical place the theater was with its giant marquee, fancy ticket booth, ushers and huge screen.  Plus... the theater was air-conditioned (something we didn't have at home) and the movie was in color (I thought all movies were in black and white).  I sat there transfixed by that movie for an hour an a half  and, to this day, I can vividly recall details of the film and I still hate Cruella DeVil.  From that point, I was hooked on the movies and today, I still work in the film industry and love movies. - Greg Walz, Granite City IL

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